Working Certificate Test
Date: 2 July, 2018
Stakes: WC, WCI, & WCX
Judges: Lisa Williams & Bill Marshal
Location: ACHRA site near Wabamun
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Hunt Test
Dates: 18-19 August, 2018
Stakes: Junior, Senior, & Masters
Judges: Lionel Whittaker, Keith Rankin, Janet Healy, Kathy Miner, Steve Bushie, Kathleen Bignell, Craig Ratay, Brad Staszczuk, & David Mcfadyen
Location: ACHRA site near Wabamun
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Winnipeg Field Trial Certificate

​​Labrador Retriever Club of Alberta

In 2016 the LRCA is excited to offer Club members assistance in training a Labrador to WC standard. Weekly training sessions will be conducted free of charge for all club members.  These sessions will take place during June and July, 2016, at Tami Marks property just east of Sherwood Park, every Friday evening.  These will not be hunting oriented sessions but will be specifically tailored to bring a dog who has never done any field work up to basic WC standard.  Dogs who already have their WC title but wish to advance to the WCI or WCX level will also be welcome, with the understanding that the emphasis of the sessions will be on the beginning dogs. More information about this will be forthcoming in the April-May 2016 time frame.  If you are interested in participating or have any questions about the WC program please email our Gun Dog Chair, Ken Nette Thank-you.